the One Thinking birth

Hello I AM ONE. That is my name.

I’m a person like you. During over 3 years I was suffering a deep crisis. But I jumped to “the full”, an abyss that others considered as “void” so I decided to re-write my life to find the best path to follow.

After innumerable processes somebody told me “Everything is possible” and I realized that one of my dreams was to help to promote the change of consciousness about the real transcendence of our thoughts.

Thanks to intense experiences in different technics, I was able to perceive, first hand, how to establish an intense connection when someone focused on you, even if they were on another continent.

I clearly watched how, instantaneously, my levels of chemical substances related with happiness rose drastically when a group of meditators focused on me without me knowing.

And that was the seed of the Project, I thought…this is a quantum hug by all means…this has to be known!

… in my new life, I did not put limits to my dreams because … now I know that if I can imagine it, it is because it is already being created in the quantum space of the infinite possibilities…

Thank you!

“my heart in a hug”


The Challenge


The clallenge big world hug

WE ARE LOOKING for people of any part of the world who are willing to give very special hugs. We want to prove that OUR THOUGHTS TRAVEL AND SHAPE OUR WORLD.

These people will send 3-minute hugs to beings anywhere in the world and they will do in an altruist way, through guided micro-meditations translated to several languages.

Whether you are in crisis or happy, ask for your hug. All of those who accept to give you a hug will do it at the same time, they will be thousands.

Nobody will know when it’s going to happen because the system decides the moment randomly. But when you get hugged, you will feel a sensation that will surprise you and you will tell us when you think it happened…

Then we will analyze the answers … And the statistics will show that “any intention” travels irretrievably.

Do you like it?

Join us now and we will update you more information in short!

My heart in a hug.


The Challenge





  1. To establish the bases of that our thoughts correspond to an Universal Law that is always working
  2. To create consciousness about the influence of our thoughts in everything that happens in the Planet
  3. To encourage the responsibility of having a better mental control over our thoughts
  4. To promote the benevolent thinking which means “think about the others what you would like them to think about you” for the evolutionary progress of Mankind
  5. To create the culture of micro-meditation for the well-being of everything since it is like a tool of vital transformation
  6. To make visible that what was invisible to unite the whole existence
The Challenge


Are we crazy?

The heart plays with your intuition

Well of course! Did you doubt it? To propose something like this, as a non-profit project and that it increases the planet’s happiness…

The idea

Heart illuminates the planet

Everything started when we realized that when a group of people dedicated a few instants to meditate by using a simple method and thinking about something positive towards someone, the miracle happened.

The recipient immediately perceived an impact of peace and happiness

Imagine how can someone feel when he is simultaneously being hugged by more than a thousand people!

The Challenge


But how can so many people hug someone?

Micro-meditation for the world progress

Through a mobile APP or a PC connected to the internet.

A button that says hug me.

You choose an avatar that represent you (for the quantum space is enough).

An alarm will let the hugger know in advance.

When the time comes the hugger will dedicate three minutes of his time to follow a guided meditation focusing his intention towards your avatar. Listen this example.

Hug completed!

The person hugged will let us know when he feels that state of happiness and he will explain his experience.

The End?


Now it’s time to show you a few of the obtained results:

Nº of Huggers that have participated in your hug.
Real time of the hug.
Time indicated by the person hugged.
% of success.

Comparison between successes by hour, by city.
Scores about the intensity felt in each hug.
Huggers Map (from where did they come from).

How does the heart of the City beat? What is their unconditional love rate?
How many hugs are given from a certain city or country.

How does the heart of the world beat?
How many hugs have been given in a specific day.
Temporal evolution of the growth of hugs per country.


The Challenge


We are an anonymous team

We are “beings” without more tags nor adjectives.

We participate in the Project in an ANONYMOUS way.

This NO IDENTITY corresponds to the FIRST HUG for the birth of the INITIAL INTENTION of the project.

Anyone can participate, without limitation of age, gender, race, belief or social condition.

The first hugger of the Project is called ONE and corresponds to the launching of the idea.

What can I do?

Who are we- collaborate,hug, be hugged and subscribe.

A - Hug

B – Be hugged

C – Hug and be hugged

D – Collaborate (time, resources, sponsoring)

Contact or Subscribe here

The Challenge